Podcast recommendations

Why podcasts? For me, I wanted to better use my driving time. I wanted to learn something. Gain insight on life. Or grow my knowledge and relationship with the Lord.

I’ve always loved interesting talk radio. The kind where listeners would call in and ask questions, or there were 2 or more people talking to each other. Not the monotone, boring recap of the news that is typically thought of when someone says talk radio.

So, I thought today, I’d share some of the podcasts I listen to on the reg.


A show about curiosity. They talk about science, philosophy, human experience. Every show is different and interesting!

Real Recovery

Bill Arnold and George Fraser share real stories of recovery and hope, helping lead those struggling with addictions out of that lifestyle and into relationship with Christ.

Havilah Cunnington

Havilah is a wife, mother of 4 boys, author, communicator, and friend. She is a pastor at Bethel Church, the director of Moral Revolution, and founder of Living the Good Life Now & Truth To Table. Recently she began online Bible studies hoping to inspire the world from her kitchen table and reaching thousands through her books Radical Growth, I Do Hard Things, and The Good Stuff.

What are your favorite podcasts?


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