The Christian School That Won’t Allow a Pregnant Senior to Walk: How to Respond

Dr. Jason Epps

So many non-churchgoers will see a story like this and say, “See? This is why I’d rather explore my spirituality in a non-Christian or non-church environment.” If you are such a non-churchgoer and would agree with that statement, here’s my rebuttal: I have no rebuttal. I agree with you that the actions of this school are a disgusting and hypocritical display of the highest order – it sickens to me to the core, not only because it treats this young lady in such an unloving way, but also because it’s being justified by saying the decision was “first and foremost in her best interest.”
To those of my friends and neighbors who are not active in a church, and who refrain from exploring faith because you continue to see stories like this, please briefly hear me out.
All over this country there are Christians and Christian churches whose…

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